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Seasonal Insurance Coverage Information

    Different risks arise out of the changing seasons and different times of the year.  That is why it is important to understand your insurance coverage and make sure you have a bulletproof policy!

    The holidays are a time where most everyone is out purchasing gifts and storing them until it is time to give them out!  Coverage is extended if the gifts are in the home, but what if the gifts are stolen from your car?  Believe it or not, coverage for theft of the gifts would come under your homeowners policy.  It is important that one have a homeowners policy, yes renters, you too!  The gifts are your contents in which a homeowners provides coverage for contents any where in the world. 

    Another insurance issue that rears it’s head during the winter months are those hungry deer that are grazing for food in your bushes, and crossing the road in front of your car! The coverage for damage to your car resulting from collision with a deer falls under comprehensive coverage!  Make sure your policy includes comprehensive coverage during the winter months.  Collision is also good to add on to your policy durning the winter as accidents are more likely.  You can pick up and drop the coverage as you desire and is recommended during winter months!

Happy Holidays!

Important information for the season!

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